Frequently Asked Questions - Zoning

FAQs - Zoning

The application process for a variance to be approved or denied is two months.

Upon application to the zoning dept for an action or approval required in accordance with the procedure set for the by the town law, the applicant shall post with the Town of Wallkill a deposit of $175.00 to cover all attorney fees. This fee along with additional application fee must be submitted with completed application.

  • Residential (addition, accessory bldg, etc.) -$75.00
  • Residential (decks, sheds, pools) - $50.00
  • Signage - $75.00
  • Interpretation - $300.00
  • Commercial properties - $500.00
  • Use variance - $ 500.00

The Zoning Board meetings take place every second Monday of the month at the Town of Wallkill.

Address- 99 Tower Drive, Bldg A. Middletown NY 10941.

The preliminary review is the first of the two required meetings. The zoning board will review the applicant's application and make any changes suggestions or states any concerns that should be addressed before the public hearing.

The public hearing is the second of the two meetings. During the public hearing the surrounding neighbors who received the public notice will attend this meeting and state any concerns they may have about the project on the agenda. The applicant must bring proof of mailing to this meeting; the board will listen to public concerns and make final decision.

The assessor's office will contact the applicant a few days after the preliminary review to notify them that there labels are ready to be picked up.

After a variance is approved it is valid for six months. If for any reason the project was unable to be completed or progress was unable to be made from time of variance approval. The applicant may apply for a six months extension.