Frequently Asked Questions - Highway Department

FAQs - Highway Department

The Town does a Bulk Pick up once a year typically in April or May.  Details will be posted on the website each year.

No, brush can be brought to the Highway Department located at 860 Route 17M, Middletown during normal business hours.  Please call (845)361-1106 for current operating hours.

Yes, brush will be accepted during normal business hours.  Please call (845)361-1106 for current operating hours. You can dispose of grass clippings, leaves and brush (no bigger than 3" in diameter) free of charge.  Please note that branches larger than 3" in diameter, wood or stumps will not be accepted.

Generally, a simple resurfacing or sealing of an EXISTING driveway will not require a permit. If any alteration or excavation is planned, then a permit is required.  Call our office, and we can review your plan and advise whether a permit is the way to go.  There is no charge for this service.  New driveway installations always require a permit.   

In most cases, the Town exercises control of its’ right-of-way by measuring from the centerline of pavement 25 feet to the front lot line.  This applies to most modern roads. On some older roads, 25 feet is assumed and can be used as a rule of thumb.  The best way to determine ROW is to examine your property survey document and utilize the setback information.  We can help you most times  in determining ROW by calling our Office at 361-1106.

Easements are areas granted from a property owner to a utility operator for access to maintain the facilities. A common example would be a drainage, power supply or even sight distance easement.  Review your survey document or call us if you need help determining easement issues.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of the lot.  This applies year-round and includes snow and ice maintenance. See code Chapter 205, Article II and III for more information on sidewalks.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the driveway portion that is in the Town ROW.  All driveways exist by permit and maintenance of them is a condition of the permit.

That depends on its’ location.  Fences are regulated under Town Code Section§ 249-9 and have height and sight restrictions. The same applies to stone walls-they are stone fences after all, only usually a bit lower.  The Town does not allow walls or fences to be constructed in the Town’s Right-of-Way.  It is also not recommended to install walls or fences if it impedes sight distance for you or your neighbor.  Please call us to review your planned fence prior to installation; between DPW and our Building Dept. we can help you do it right the first time.

We push snow in mostly all driveways. Snow is plowed from the middle of the road to the edges, unfortunately that is where the driveways and mailboxes are placed. The town does not go back and open driveways or clear mailboxes. 



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