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Yes, we have a consulting engineer which means there are charges associated with his time. You can find the escrow that you have to establish at the time of your work session in the planning board application package. There is also attorney escrow that must be established at that time.

All subdivisions over 2 lots require a public hearing. Special use permits require public hearings as well as some site plans depending on the zone they are in. This will be determined by the planning board attorney.

The public hearing notice for the planning board is published by the applicant. You will be notified by the assessor's office to pick up the mailing labels approximately 1 week to 10 days after your first meeting. The directions and ph notice form with directions for publishing will be attached to the labels. You can call the pb secretary for further directions or stop by her office if you need further information. The zoning board of appeals publishes the notices for the applicant. The assessor's office will contact them to pick up the mailing labels with the directions to send out the certified notices.

Planning board meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday evenings beginning at 7:30 pm. Please check the website for the summer schedule as there is only one meeting during the months of July and August.

Work sessions are generally held on the Mondays following the planning board meetings. They are during daytime hours. Each work session is usually ½ hour long.

You should bring a complete planning board application including the owner's endorsement and eaf, appropriate fees and three sets of plans.

Except for farm purposes, no accessory building may be larger than 28 feet by 28 feet.

Sheds that do not exceed 120 square feet do not require a permit. Anything larger requires a building permit.

You will need to submit 18 sets of signed/sealed sets for every meeting.

You will need to submit 7 sets of plans for signature. If it is a subdivision you will also need to submit a mylar for signature.

The payment for the invoice is paid on the 4th Thursday of the month when the Town Board approves the invoices for payment.