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Yes, we have a consulting engineer which means there are charges associated with his time. You can find the escrow that you have to establish at the time of your work session in the planning board application package. There is also attorney escrow that must be established at that time.

All subdivisions over 2 lots require a public hearing. Special use permits require public hearings as well as some site plans depending on the zone they are in. This will be determined by the planning board attorney.

The public hearing notice for the planning board is published by the applicant. You will be notified by the assessor's office to pick up the mailing labels approximately 1 week to 10 days after your first meeting. The directions and ph notice form with directions for publishing will be attached to the labels. You can call the pb secretary for further directions or stop by her office if you need further information. The zoning board of appeals publishes the notices for the applicant. The assessor's office will contact them to pick up the mailing labels with the directions to send out the certified notices.

Planning board meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday evenings beginning at 7:30 pm. Please check the website for the summer schedule as there is only one meeting during the months of July and August.

Work sessions are generally held on the Mondays following the planning board meetings. They are during daytime hours. Each work session is usually ½ hour long.

You should bring a complete planning board application including the owner's endorsement and eaf, appropriate fees and three sets of plans.

Except for farm purposes, no accessory building may be larger than 28 feet by 28 feet.

Sheds that do not exceed 120 square feet do not require a permit. Anything larger requires a building permit.

You will need to submit 18 sets of signed/sealed sets for every meeting.

You will need to submit 7 sets of plans for signature. If it is a subdivision you will also need to submit a mylar for signature.

The payment for the invoice is paid on the 4th Thursday of the month when the Town Board approves the invoices for payment.

The check for payment is mailed out as soon as the Town Board approves and audits the bills.

Yes, you as a vendor need to submit a voucher to be paid.

We paid you on vendor invoice number as soon as the check is posted to the General Ledger and sent out for payment.

Property is assessed according to its condition and ownership as of March 1st. It is also the deadline for the filing of all exemptions.

Property owners who feel they are over assessed have the right to present their information to an impartial Board of Assessment Review. Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May.

A property owner may request a review of their assessment and inventory at any time.

STAR is the NYS School Tax Relief program that provides an exemption from School property taxes for OWNER-OCCUPIED, PRIMARY RESIDENCES. Proof of residency is required. For example: Current utility bill, driver's license, voter registration.

The Enhanced STAR is for those who are 65 or older. If husband and wife or siblings, the combined income may not exceed $79,050 for the preceding year. Proof of age, income and residency are required.

The application process for a variance to be approved or denied is two months.


Use and Area Variance - $550.00

Decks, Sheds and Fences - $450.00

Accessory Buildings - $475.00

Signage - $475.00

Interpretation – No Charge




Use and Area Variance - $900.00

Signage - $900.00

Interpretation - $700.00



Residential - $25.00
Commercial - $50.00                           

The Zoning Board meetings take place every second Monday of the month at the Town of Wallkill.

Address- 99 Tower Drive, Bldg A. Middletown NY 10941.

The preliminary review is the first of the two required meetings. The zoning board will review the applicant's application and make any changes suggestions or states any concerns that should be addressed before the public hearing.

The public hearing is the second of the two meetings. During the public hearing the surrounding neighbors who received the public notice will attend this meeting and state any concerns they may have about the project on the agenda. The applicant must bring proof of mailing to this meeting; the board will listen to public concerns and make final decision.

The assessor's office will contact the applicant a few days after the preliminary review to notify them that there labels are ready to be picked up.

After a variance is approved it is valid for six months. If for any reason the project was unable to be completed or progress was unable to be made from time of variance approval. The applicant may apply for a six months extension.

You can stop in the main office and fill out a contract and put down a deposit or visit the the link below and download the contract, fill it out completely and bring in with a deposit.

icon Community Center Documents

You may pay by cash, check or money order.

One month before the date of the event along with a "Certificate of Liability"

Through your homeowners insurance or you will have to buy it from Insurance Company.

The use of the full-hall will hold 209 people, half-hall will hold 105 people.      

Yes, for a nominal fee.  The kitchen has a refrigerator, dishwasher and a 10-burner commercial stove.

No, you would have to bring your own.

Yes, there are 23 round tables (60”) which can seat 6-8 people. We also have 29 long tables (36x81) which can seat 8-10 people and chairs are available.

No candles with flames, but you can use battery operated candles.

You can not pin, staple or tape anything on the walls.

You have to bring your own broom, mops and garbage bags and cleaning sprays.

NO, all preparations for the event should be included within the hours you are renting.

All Town residents can receive Id cards at the Golf course with a Driver Id card/ license

Tee times are always recommended but not required. A tee time shall a allow you to get out at a time you desire.

Single players accepted as walk-ons only.

The Grill Room Opens between 8 and 9 am. If you have a 7am tee time please stop for coffee on the way.

We offer a $15.00 dollar membership card that takes $5.00 off normal rates.

Lessons are available by appointment, and beginning the third week of May our free golf clinic will begin on the driving range.

Once our season begins we offer a nine hole rate on Tuesday and Wednesday prior to starting our golf leagues.

We do not offer refunds however we will offer a rain check if the weather becomes severe enough to close the course.

Yes, and we offer monthly and yearly driving range memberships, prices vary for senior, juniors, league members, and adults.

The Water and Sewer Billing Office has an excellent staff of Customer Service Representatives that will be glad to discuss any and all of your concerns with your water/sewer bill. The Water/Sewer Billing offices are open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you think that your bill might be incorrect or you think that you might have a leak please feel free to contact us.

The Water and Sewer Department can be reached 24 hours a day seven days a week to assist in getting the right personnel to respond to your concerns. The after hours office number is (845)692-6757.

A water meter can be defective. A water meter has an internal disc or paddles that move when water passes through them which in turn moves the wheels on the register to record the water that passes through it. When the disc or paddles wear down due to environment or from a defect inside of the meter it will not register correctly. Since we use meters that record only the water that passes through it the defect will actually cause a lower water bill. A water meter will never turn unless water is passed through it to record.

The Water Department is responsible for the water main, main valves and Fire Hydrants. The service line, which starts at the Water Main and goes to the house, is the customer's responsibility, even if the leak is in the curb valve but is on the service line. If you have a leak on the service line, you will have to contact a plumber for repairs.

100 % of your drinking water is supplied by Wells located on the Wallkill River Aquifer. This water is then pumped through one of three Water Filtration Plants where it is filtered and treated prior to distribution to our customers. For further information, you may review our most recent Annual Water Quality Report (AWQR), which can be found as a link on our website.

If you have a problem with a sewer back-up you can call our Office and they will radio our Distribution Crew for the quickest response. We can assess the problem to see if a plumber would have to be called. A sewer jet machine will be used to get the sewer flowing freely in the Town owned Sewer Main. If the problem is found to be on the service line between the house and the Sewer Main, you will need to call a plumber to clean the line if necessary. If there is a sewer like smell in the area that you live in we will document the complaint on a work order and will be looked into as quickly as possible. Sewer smell complaints are the hardest to detect the source of the problem so we ask for patience for us to locate and correct the problem.

The Town of Wallkill operates and maintains an extensive sanitary sewage collection system with many miles of underground pipes and pump stations. The sewage is transported to our Waste Water Treatment Plant, where all solids are removed. The water is then disinfected and returned to The Wallkill River.

The Town of Wallkill Water and Sewer Department reads your Water Meter on Quarterly basis utilizing an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. This is done through a laptop computer mounted in our Water Meter Service Vehicle that reads your meter as the vehicle drives by your property.

The current rate structure for 2020 is:

Water: $2.75/1,000 gallons
Sewer: $2.95/1,000 gallons

Check and cash payments can be made at:

3 Middletown Orange Bank & Trust Co. locations:

                  33 Trust Way
                  75 North Street
                  212 Dolson Avenue

Checks can also be:

Mailed to:

Town of Wallkill
P.O. Box 6705
Southeastern, PA 19398


- left in the bank dropboxes.

Credit card or e-check payments: Townofwallkill.com

Town and County Taxes are due on January 1st – 31st without Penalty      

February 1st – February 28th – with 1% Penalty

March 1st – March 31st – 2% Penalty plus $2.00 second notice fee.

Tax bills are mailed the end of December.

Contact the Receiver of Taxes Office immediately @ 845-692-7840, to confirm the mailing address is correct and that a bank has not requested your bill.

Contact your bank immediately. Banks are required to request, in writing, all tax bills they are holding in escrow. They will give you instructions on how they want to handle it.

Cash, Check, and Credit Card and Online.

At this point, partial payments are not accepted.

Taxes can be mailed to Linda Harahan, Receiver of Taxes – 99 Tower Dr – Bldg A  - Middletown, NY 10941. Taxes are accepted in person at the Town Hall Receiver’s Office Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

 After April 1st all unpaid taxes will be forwarded to the Commissioner of Finance of Orange County; residents can contact them for payment amounts and information at 845-291-2480.

Tax bills and receipts can be printed from this website at no charge. Tax bills or receipts can also be obtained through the Receiver’s Office, by calling 845-692-7840.

All exemptions are handled through the Assessor's Office. Please contact them directly at (845) 692 -7800 ext 116 or 117.

There are 2 ways to plead to a traffic ticket, non-misdemeanor offenses only:

  • Plea of Guilty:  Sign the “guilty” section on your ticket which is Part A and mail it to the court.  The Court will then notify you by mail as to your fine and/ or surcharge.  Remember to keep a copy of the ticket for your records.
  • Plea of Not Guilty:  Sign the “Not Guilty” section on your ticket, which is Part B and mail it to the court.  The Court will then notify you by mail as to your trial date.  Remember to keep a copy of the ticket for your records.

Please keep in mind that the appearance date on your ticket is only your date to enter a plea, and not your trial date. **Be sure to always include a complete, correct mailing address for the court!**

If you have been suspended for failure to appear:  This means you have to enter a plea to the ticket.  You should contact the court for the best way to proceed.

If you have been suspended for failure to pay:  This means you have failed to pay the fine/surcharge amount that was assessed by the Court.  You should contact the Court for the exact amount that is owed after the suspension is in effect.

The surcharge is a mandatory fee imposed by the State of New York that must be paid on every ticket.

The charge will be dismissed if proof is presented to the court that the defect was corrected within 24 hours after the issuance of the summons.

The website, www.nycourthelp.gov will walk you through each step, including which forms you need.

Contact the DMV web site, www.nysdmv.com for more information about this law.

Yes, you can pay traffic and parking tickets online at www.paycourtonline.com.  You will need your name and case number.

NO. The Court does not take payment over the phone.  We do have many options available.  You may fax your credit card information with the attached credit card form.  You may mail a money order or certified check to the Court. You can pay online.  You may come to the Court office and pay in person with cash, credit card, money order or certified check and we will give you a receipt.

No.  Only the person who was issued the ticket must appear.

If it is a parking ticket for “no parking”, sign the ticket either guilty or not guilty and mail or drop off to the Court Office.  (see pleading to a ticket)

If it is a parking ticket for parking in “Handicapped Parking” sign the ticket either guilty or not guilty and mail or drop off to the Court Office.  If you have a handicap permit, please mail the Court a copy.

Dogs in the Town of Wallkill are required to be licensed. A valid rabies certificate as well as a certificate of spay/neuter is required. Fees are: Spayed $5.00 Unspayed/Un Neutered $15.00. Persons over 65 years of age are exempt from fee.

We accept Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa)  for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

Applications are available in the Town Clerk's Office and must be completed by the applicant and their physician. Permits are issued either in person or by mail.

Yes, New York State Conservation Licenses may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office. Hunters should bring their driver's license and either an old hunting license or a hunter education certificate when applying. No certification is necessary for fishing licenses. The fee varies according to the license type.

We accept Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa)  for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

You must provide a valid Photo ID and a birth certificate or naturalization papers. If you have been married before, a certified Decree of Divorce or Death Certificate for each marriage, is required. Prospective Applicants must come together to apply for a license at least 24 hours before the wedding, but no more than 60 days in advance.  There is a $40 fee for a Marriage License. 

We accept Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa)  for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

Copies of vital records for those individuals who were born, died or obtained their marriage license in the Town are on file in the Town Clerk's Office. The fee is $10 per copy. You may request a copy by mail or in person.

We accept Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa)  for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

A Freedom of Information form (FOIL) is available here. The Town is also required to accept and respond to FOIL requests via email as well.  

Check with our office to determine if the day you are interested in is available. Complete the application and pay the applicable fee, depending on the Pavilion you will be renting. 

Our Dial-A-Bus is a transportation system which requires a reservation by calling during office hours, preferably 2-3 days ahead of time. This service runs from Monday through Saturday.

Our Shuttle service does not require a reservation. Simply wait at the stop closest to where you are located and the bus will come. The service runs from Monday through Friday.

We are a Town of Wallkill service and consequently serve the entire Town of Wallkill.  We can transport customers anywhere within the Town of Wallkill.

Our services are open to the public and anyone is able to ride our buses.

The Dial-A-Bus and Shuttle Bus services have the same fare. General public is $3.00 for a one way trip, Senior citizens (age 60 and over) is $1.00 for a one way trip and anyone who is handicapped, disabled, holds a Medicare or ADA card is $1.00 for a one way trip. We only accept cash and exact change is appreciated. Children ages 4 and under are free and must be in a child safety seat.

Call our reservation desk at (845) 692-7852 or (845) 692-7800, Ext. 143, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 2:00PM

Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and Saturday 8:00 AM to 3:15 PM.

Monday through Friday, our Shuttle Bus runs from 8:15AM through 3:45PM. The Shuttle Bus does not operate on Saturday.

All service is closed on Sunday and holidays.

Contact the Town Clerk at 845 692 7826.

No, but the county has a dog park at the Orange county park not far from the town of Wallkill – https://www.orangecountygov.com/.

All of the park hours are sun up to sun down. Parks are open year round however Circleville park may have restricted use during the summer camp season and the Little league and Soccer field are reserved during the little league and soccer seasons for information on Summer Camp use and the boys and girls club go www.bgcorange.org for information on town of Wallkill Little League please go to www.towll.com For information on Soccer please go to www.towsoccerclub.com

Belmont Park and Circleville Park have stocked ponds in which you can fish - you must comply with all of the rules and regulations of the NYSDEC and the town asks that you catch and release.

Only if you have a 1,000,000 certificate of liability which list the town as additionally insured for the date in which you are using the park.

A list of programs in the parks and around the town are available on our community events calendar on the site.

Swimming hours are open , Last Saturday in June through Labor Day,  M-F 10 am - 6 pm  Weekends 11-7pm

Cost $3.00/person Season Passes are available through the Town Clerk's Office 


The Town does a Bulk Pick up once a year typically in April or May.  Details will be posted on the website each year.

No, brush can be brought to the Highway Department located at 860 Route 17M, Middletown, on Saturday’s from 8:00 AM till Noon.  Please use the Keasel Road entrance; proof of residency is required.

Yes, brush will be accepted on Saturday’s from 8:00 AM till Noon.  You can dispose of grass clippings, leave & brush (no bigger than 3” in diameter) free of charge.  Please note that branches larger than 3” in diameter, wood or stumps will not be accepted. Please use the Keasel Road entrance; proof of residency is required.

Generally, a simple resurfacing or sealing of an EXISTING driveway will not require a permit. If any alteration or excavation is planned, then a permit is required.  Call our office, and we can review your plan and advise whether a permit is the way to go.  There is no charge for this service.  New driveway installations always require a permit.   

In most cases, the Town exercises control of its’ right-of-way by measuring from the centerline of pavement 25 feet to the front lot line.  This applies to most modern roads. On some older roads, 25 feet is assumed and can be used as a rule of thumb.  The best way to determine ROW is to examine your property survey document and utilize the setback information.  We can help you most times  in determining ROW by calling our Office at 361-1106.

Easements are areas granted from a property owner to a utility operator for access to maintain the facilities. A common example would be a drainage, power supply or even sight distance easement.  Review your survey document or call us if you need help determining easement issues.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of the lot.  This applies year-round and includes snow and ice maintenance. See code Chapter 205, Article II and III for more information on sidewalks.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the driveway portion that is in the Town ROW.  All driveways exist by permit and maintenance of them is a condition of the permit.

That depends on its’ location.  Fences are regulated under Town Code Section§ 249-9 and have height and sight restrictions. The same applies to stone walls-they are stone fences after all, only usually a bit lower.  The Town does not allow walls or fences to be constructed in the Town’s Right-of-Way.  It is also not recommended to install walls or fences if it impedes sight distance for you or your neighbor.  Please call us to review your planned fence prior to installation; between DPW and our Building Dept. we can help you do it right the first time.

Because snow plows are designed to push snow to the sides, snow will be deposited at the end of driveways and onto sidewalks during plowing events.  The Town does not go back and open driveways or clear mailboxes.

In mostly all cases, the weight of the snow and ice coming off the plow can render a mailbox unusable, without the plow ever coming into direct contact.  Mailboxes are permitted in the Town’s ROW, but the duty to clear the roadway of snow and ice is paramount, and the mailboxes’ placement is secondary.  See the Attorney Generals opinion (insert link) and the USPS standards for more information https://www.usps.com/manage/know-mailbox-guidelines.htm 

Most plows channel snow from the center of the road to the edges and from left to right.  We make every effort to distribute evenly to minimize inconvenience, but, living in the Northeast, Snow Happens!

No, the Town can not work on private property.  The only trees that the Town can trim or take down are the ones located in the Town’s right-of-way.  Any trees outside the Town’s right-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner. 

For residential purposes:

  • New construction of homes, garages, carports and accessory structures
  • Additions and alterations of buildings
  • Decks and porches
  • Enclosing porches or decks
  • Extending roofs over decks and porches
  • Rebuilding, altering and structural renovations to any existing structure
  • Swimming pools above ground and in ground, including decks around pools
  • Installation of woodstoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, wood boilers and chimneys
  • Demolition and removal of buildings
  • Any type of structural repairs being made to an existing structure
  • Repairs or replacement of the roof structure or covering materials

 Commercial Purposes:

  • New construction
  • Most improvements, alterations, enlargements, repairs and change of tenants
  • Change of Occupancy
  • Repairs or replacement of the roof structure or covering materials
  • Demolition work on the interior or exterior of the building
  • Replacement or installation of any accessory storage type structures
  • Signs, including temporary signs

No. We cannot recommend anyone to you. Electricians are required to be licensed with Orange County. You should exercise due diligence and always request references from your contractor, and then check them out prior to signing anything.

Boundary disputes are personal legal matters and are not within the jurisdiction of the municipality (Note: Unless a municipal boundary is the subject of the problem). You should consult an attorney or your title company to assist you.

No, they cannot be used on combustible balconies or decks. Cylinders greater than 2.5 Lbs. cannot be stored on balconies. All cooking must be at least 10 feet from the combustible building wall surface.

Yes we have several Town-approved electric inspectors.  We will provide the list and phone #’s with your approved building permit.

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